Our goal at Advantage Resource is simple: To be the Prevailing Wage Contractor's most valuable and reliable sub. We accomplish this goal by doing these things for each of our Contractors:

  1. We save the Contractor money (comparison worksheets available upon request).
  2. We decrease the Contractor's workload. Our streamlined approach removes the calculation burden from the Contractor because we do all the fringe calculations for you.
  3. We help solve your problems because we'll answer your questions. Our extensive Prevailing Wage construction experience, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of state and federal Prevailing Wage laws, proves invaluable when trying to answer the Prevailing Wage question that seemingly has no clear solution.

For more information on some of the services AdvantageResource provides, select one of the respective links below:

Of Note

Our Capability Statement

Articles written:

"Using a Company Hourly Fringe Program as a Recruiting and Retention Tool"

"Understanding Prevailing Wage Fringes"

"Weighted Average Overtime"

"A Couple of Really Good Prevailing Wage Questions (PW Fringe and Employees; 401k Restatement)"